"Today, is critical have visibility on the Internet for any kind on business"


La web del Born


La web del Born is a web design studio and online marketing in Barcelona. We are inside the Born district in the center of the Barcelona. The studio was funded by the Italian architect Salvatore Mazza in 2003. Since then we help companies and entrepreneurs to stay on the Internet with an attractive and modern website. We also offer services to companies positioning their website or blog in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. We make professionals email accounts for companies and entrepreneurs with ssl security system, signature and the logo of the company. Look here a summary of our latest work and our portfolio.


Web design


Attractive and up to date web design in Barcelona. We use the latest tools and internet codes in order to make the websites compatible with all Internet browsers and enjoyed from any electronic device like PC, tablet or smatphone, which in the language of new technologies is called responsive design. Contact us for recive more details about our web design services and web development.

Web design barcelona
Save money to your web

Save money to your web


We offer a quality product at an affordable price. We are a web design studio and marketing online services young and multicultural unlike more established studios can offer quality results and contain the final price, this is our competitive advantage. Send here your budget for your website or positioning and we will beat it.

Search engine optimization


Improve the online positioning of your website or blog, we help you climb positions in the ranks of Google Search improving your web content and inserting special data encoded for search engines such as rich text and metadata. We use the latest techniques to help you to quickly improve your rankings. We also configure and manage online marketing campaigns specific or lasting with Google Adwords, the leader of the network tool. Contact us for more information about SEO services and online marketing we offer in Barcelona and surroundings.

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