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“Having a presence on the Internet is fundamental for Companies”

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‘La web del Born’ Agency

‘La web del Born’ is a web page design and online marketing Agency in Barcelona. We Are in the district of El Born in the center of the city of Barcelona. The agency was founded by the Italian architect Salvatore Mazza in 2003. Since then we help companies and freelancers to create Internet presence with attractive and current  websites. In Addition we offer to the companies positioning services of their web page or blog in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. We Have Professional email accounts for companies and freelance with SSL security system, firm and logo of the company.

Have a look here at our latest works and our website portfolio.

Web page design

Responsive design BarcelonaDesign of attractive and current websites in Barcelona. We use the latest tools and computer codes to make Web pages compatible with all Internet browsers as well as can be enjoyed from any terminal is that a Pc a tablet or a smatphone, which in the language of the new Technologies is called responsive design. Here are more details about our web design services and Web page development

Quality websites at an affordable price

Web design budgetWe Offer A quality product at a content price. We Are A study of website design and young and multicultural online marketing that unlike other more consolidated studies we can offer a quality result and contain the final price, this is our competitive advantage. Send your budget here for your website or positioning for us to improve it.


Web Positioning SEO and online Marketing

SEO Search Engine OptimizationImprove the positioning of your Web or blog, we help you to upload positions in the ranking of Google Search improving the content of your website and inserting ad hoc encrypted data for search engines such as rich text and metadata. We Use the most current techniques to help you to improve your positioning quickly. We Also configure and manage timely or long-term online marketing campaigns with Google Adwords, the network’s leading tool. Look here for more information on web positioning (SEO) and online marketing services that we offer in Barcelona and surrounding areas.


Web design

“There is no good design if there is no functionality, how easy it always wins”

Web design Barcelona

Web page design

Web Design is our main occupation. We have been developing websites for our clients for many years, mainly in the area of Barcelona. We are specialized in websites for small and medium companies like stores, restaurants, hostels, etc. Today web design is not just a matter of aesthetics but the first step to structure a web that is accessible and recognizable for search engines, the basis of any business activity on Internet.

Web page design services that make a difference

  Design of accessible and exclusive Web pages in next generation HTML 5 code.

Integration of stunning photo galleries.

  Possibility to choose between a more creative and interesting design and another more structured and efficient according to the objectives set by the client through the use of different technical tools.

  Editing and professional treatment for the images, illustrations and texts of the website.

  Service of translations and creation of content reviewed and controlled by the clients.

  Interactive Web Pages with the possibility to change the content of the Web directly by the client in a simple way via Internet.

  Creation of professional mail account with company signature, contact links and legal note.

  Use of SSL security systems for company emails.

  Hosting Web pages on professional servers, we only work with the leading companies in the sector.

  Excellent value for money.

  Price closed keys in hand to not leave the budget.

And much more to ensure your positioning

  Search and integration of significant keywords on the web.

  Metadata Integration and Rich text for Web texts and images.

  Blog Creation to improve positioning.

  Qualification and Descricipciones for search engines.

  Connection of Web pages with social networks and business directories.

The Web Design Process

How long does it take to create a web page

The Web design process is carried out with the supervision of the clients in a continuous way to ensure that the result is the desired one. Once the objectives have been fixed, a proposal is made that will be reviewed periodically until the end of the process. Production times are usually around 3-4 weeks. These times can be reduced in case of an urgent commission. You Can Contact our consultants to receive free information about the web design process and the Tempistica for your particular case.

Web Positioning

“Search engines are the Internet key”

Web Positioning SEO

Web Positioning – SEO

Having a good web positioning in search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo is essential to gain visibility on the net. From The Born Web We help you to win positions in search results in the shortest time possible thanks to the use of current and effective SEO techniques. From an analysis of your current website or blog we identify the possible failures and improvements and proceed to rectify. We Also analyze the environment of your business, the existing information on the network, connections with social networks and their direct competitors to plan an efficient and stable positioning campaign over time.

All the keys of the web positioning in order of importance

Google Web Positioning

  Simple Web Design, accessible and adapted to different systems.

  Exclusive and useful Contents.

  Encoded Expecifica Information for search engines.

  Connection with social networks.

  Good reputation on the net.

  Maintain an active web and update the present information.

Online marketing

The Internet and the new technology are changing very quickly the dimension of marketing for a company. We are moving from a traditional, mass-type marketing system to a personal online marketing system where it is possible to design a campaign only for the company’s potential business customers. With tools like GOOGLE ADWORDS, Google Adwords Marketingmarket leader, we can plan an effective ad campaign and monitor its effectiveness. If you have a customers database, we can also organize marketing campaigns by email (mailing, newsletters). Contact us now to ask for more information or a study of your specific case.

Recent webdesign works

“Make sure to have a suitable image for your company on Internet”

Web design and online positioning

Here are some examples of web design work and positioning, company image and graphic design, which we have developed in recent years. Since 2003 we have been working on “La web del Born” in order to allow our clients to have the best presence on Internet, taking care of the image of their companies and businesses. We know the cyberspace and try to be always up to date with the new trends in design and online marketing. Offering positioning today is a difficult task due to the increasing competition, the change of the techniques and the necessary resources.

That is why it is important to leave that in the hands of professionals delivered and determined to help you in your project, whether that is business or private.

Clients and web projects

  Brand Image, web design and positioning for TRAVIS CONSULTING SL Energy Consultancy for electrical services for companies in Barcelona.

  Logo Design and creation of THE BLUE CORNER Blog, for interior decorating and decoration company.

  Logo Design and web design for ARTCITY HOSTEL, a youth hostel in Barcelona.

Brand Image,  web design and web positioning for PLAZA CATALUNYA HOSTEL, Youth Hostel in the center of Barcelona.

  Web design for MEMBRADO ASSOCIATS, Young Law Firm in Barcelona.

  Blog Design and professional mail for TANO VEGAN, vegan cooking Blog.

  Web designweb positioning and social networks for THE TASTE OF EL BORN, pizzeria in the center of Barcelona.

  Brand Image and web design for CONVIURE, a tourist services company in Barcelona.

  Web design for CASA DRAC, hotel in Barcelona for Catalan businessman.

  Healthy Cooking Blog Design EAT CLEAN BARCELONA for Spanish businesswoman.

  Brand Image, web designweb positioning and professional mail for YOUR HEALTH AGENCY, private medical services company in Barcelona.

  Web design, web positioning and marketing for FONTANEt ASOCIADOS, associate law firm in Barcelona.

Web positioning for portfolio web of German artist, MARKUS HAUB.

  Web design for portfolio web of German artist, STEFAN REHM WORK.

Brand image and logos



Web design projects prices

“A quality website can have an affordable price”

How much does a website cost

How much does a website cost?

How much is a website in Spain? On La web del Born, we offer quality products and services at an affordable price because we are a small graphic studio with reduced costs compared to other more consolidated and structured studies. So order now your free budget without obligation.


Discounts for unemployed and new freelancers

Web Design DiscountsOn La web del Born, we want to help the new autonomous and the unemployed who want to undertake an activity so that they can have our services at a reduced price, because we understand the current difficulties of the market. Ask for our special discounts.